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At BQT we like to define Innovation as:
Executing new ideas to create Value.

People often use the words Creativity and Innovation interchangeably. Creativity is about coming up with ideas while Innovation is about bringing ideas to life. While individuals may display creativity, Innovation occurs in the organizational context only, by bringing creative ideas to life.

BQT Managements fosters a culture of Innovation. We balance idea generation, selecting & implementing ideas, and spreading them.

Innovation carries a certain amount of uncertainty and risk. The French sociologist Bruno Latour says “…a project is considered innovative if the number of actors is not known from the outset.”

Being a fast and agile company, BQT takes these risks. Of course in a calculated fashion; but without risk, there is no innovation. We are driven by the idea of constantly re-inventing ourselves to face new market challenges knowing that “Innovation transforms the useful seeds of invention into solutions valued above every existing alternative.” (qt Braden Kelly)

In 2007 Booz Allen conducted a study that illustrated that the one key characteristic of successful innovators is that they had a rigorous process for managing innovation including a disciplined, stage-by-stage approval process combined with regular measurements of every critical factor, from time and money the success of new products and services in the market.

The BQT Best Practice Clearinghouse includes a formal methodology and approval steps for managing Innovation. The way we manage the company, our values, our open culture and most the all the talent of our people ensures that new ideas come to life every day.