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BQT Best Practice Clearinghouse

All of BQT’s processes are organized and managed within the framework of our Best Practice Clearinghouse. Our Best Practice Clearinghouse integrates ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015 (previously EN 15038:2006), Balanced Planning, Global Best Practices, PMI, Miller Heiman / Customer Centric Selling, SEI, CMMI, Earned Value Management and modern Financial Practices (EVM+).

The model is derived from those used by large auditing and consulting firms, models that have placed them at the forefront of Best Practices.

All of our practices are documented and managed within the framework. This allows us to deploy KPIs that monitor and support our strategic goals as well as deliver measurable value to our Customers.

We strive to integrate all reasonable international standards in our everyday work to facilitate understanding and exchange of business information with our Partners and Customers. These include xliff, TBX, TMX, ISO standards for currencies, language codes, MIL-STD 1916 for Sampling only to mention a few.

Being an online company and network, we believe frameworks, methodologies and standards play a key role in our success.

Our corporate management is committed to supporting the BQT Best Practice Clearinghouse. We monitor Best Practices from all major worldwide organizations and as part of our Innovation Program rethink our practices and adapt to market changes.