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Product & Documentation Translation

Product & Documentation Translation still represents the highest volumes across industries.
BQT offers a fully streamlined & efficient process to translate and localize:
  • Your Manuals, Help Files, Leaflets, Letters, Contracts and other Documents,
  • In all Formats,
  • All Operating Systems,
  • All Languages.
The core components are illustrated in the workflow below:


A good localized product is a product that sells in the target market.
Many companies focus on reducing spend at the expense of Quality. This results in using cheaper resources, less qualified and usually ends with having a mediocre product that does not position well in the target market.

At BQT, we believe in Quality and try our best to balance it with cost.
To achieve this, we work directly with a Network of professional qualified translators and avoid intermediaries.

All of our localization processes are defined following Best Practices and ISO-approved, rigorous quality procedures which are observed in each phase of the project and which are personalized to each client’s specific requirements.

During the Evaluation & Project Preparation steps a thorough check up of all the files and components is carried out in order to make sure that there are no missing files, fonts or images. According to the complexity of the project, BQT determines the most cost-effective workflow and processes to be followed throughout the execution of the project.

Translation & Review is always carried out by carefully tested in-country specialist resources whose profile adjusts to the requirements of the client’s industry. In order to make sure that the most suitable resources are allocated to each client and that continuous improvement of quality is achieved, The BQT International Project Management Team reports periodically to our Business Partner Network Department about our translators’ performance. Every translation is checked by second in-country qualified national. In addition, we run Statistical Process Control and perform Language QAs to independently assess the quality of deliverables.

The use of Translation Memories, Terminology Management tools and Style Guides ensure maximum consistency and that the right terminology is being used.

DTP & Final QA is carried out by nationals in order to ensure final quality of the DTP material. Backing up the QA Department BQT has a DTP QA Team responsible for checking the quality of DTP deliverables to our clients and ensuring final corrections are inserted correctly.

Before Delivery, a final Quality Check is conducted: the Sign-Off. This critical step recompiles Quality Information throughout the lifecycle and ensures all deliverables are included and in the correct format.