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From metalworking to plastic and textile, manufacturing localization buyers face many global content challenges all related to the increase of content volumes that need to be published at an accelerated pace and in the increasing number of languages across multiple channels.

At BQT, we help our clients meet these challenges and position their products in the global marketplace with the best teams of linguistic experts. We demonstrate in-depth knowledge in the related field terms and industry terminology and well as international compliance requirements (e.g. Product Labeling).

With the use of language tools (Translation Memory, Machine Translation, Terminology Management and Automated Quality & Consistency Checks) we are able not only to significantly decrease the costs and turnaround time of your localization projects but also ensure the consistency of the localized content.

In addition we can integrate these linguistic management technologies with other systems our clients may use such as Content Management platforms, ERPs or Financial applications.

Material we localize would include:
  • Product Documentation
  • Technical Reports
  • Regulatory Documentation
  • Patents
  • Material Datasheets
  • Health and Safety Manuals
  • User Manuals
  • Packaging
  • Legal