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In 2016, Training and eLearning programs and course must be available across languages, cultures and global enterprises. BQT translates and localizes your training and eLearning programs for any language, culture or medium.
ELearning programs have become increasingly sophisticated and complex, both as training tools and as a means to manage everything from product information to employee development. From Computer-Based Training (CBT) and Web-Based Trainings (WBT) to mobile devices and apps, we take the time upfront to understand your goals and identify your unique requirements, "translating" them into effective multilingual e-learning experiences for your user base. Our quality process ensures the translation quality is impeccable, and our localization engineering team validates the finished modules for full functionality and accuracy.
Besides standard translation, BQT offers Subject Matter Expert (SME) Review of your content by experienced professionals and/or University and MBA faculty.