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Transparency & Ease Of Use

At BQT, we believe in technology solutions that are easy to use and understand as well as deliver the expected savings.
When designing our systems, we keep in mind the end-user and always plan sufficient time for testing and feedback to make sure our systems truly are “Easy to Use”.

Feedback is an essential part of “Ease-of-use”. Your feedback is collected and reviewed by our Helpdesk staff and R&D. With the Agile release cycles, every month is an opportunity to bring improvements to our user community.

At BQT we strive for intuitive interfaces while retaining best practices.

Our project environment is entirely built online. Project progress is calculated automatically every time the International Project Manager plan or receives part of the project. The same applies to Schedules, Deliveries, Change Orders, Quality Control results just to name a few.

The information is communicated to you in real-time and without filtering. This enables timely and informed decision making. The same information is shared across the entire project and available to all members. This is transparency!