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BQT Solutions
- Do you need to translate and adapt your Web Site, Product Documentation, Marketing Material or Software?
- Are you Selling abroad, Importing or Communicating in Foreign Languages?
- Are you looking for a Solid ROI and a Targeted Message for your Audience?

BQT Global provides
Translation and Internationalization Solutions in all of the World’s Languages and Countries.

Spanish, French, Italian, German, English, Chinese, Japanese, Danish, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Catalan, Canadian French, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Bengali, Javanese, Korean, Telugu, Tamil, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Dutch, Turkish, Hausa, Thai, Hebrew, Danish, Bengali, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Burmese, Bokmål, Nynorsk, Lahnda, Marathi, Setswana, Swahili, Xhosa, Creole, Wolof, Tibetan, Nepali, Greek, Akan, Punjabi

With an operations network in over 100 countries and languages, our native experts will adapt your product and material enabling you to be successful worldwide.

Services A Wide Range of Services Specialized by Industry

  • Expert Translation & Review
  • Marketing Transcreation and Local Content Creation
  • Subtitling, Transcription, Video, Dubbing and Multimedia
  • Software Engineering, Localization and Testing
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP, Typesetting), Adaptation of Design, Images & Media
  • Consulting on Process, Methodology, Strategy & Tools

Values Our Value-Added

  • 100% On-Time Delivery
  • Top Quality backup-up by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015 and PMI Standards
  • Native Experts, specialized in your Subject Matter, Industry and Specialty
  • A Dedicated Team of International Project Managers, Language Experts and Engineers
  • The Best Cost/Benefit on the Market
  • Over 20 years of Experience and Success for our Clients
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